Reasons Why You Should Run In ‘Run For Humanity Marathon Ludhiana’ on 12th March

Get your shoes ready this Saturday to run a Marathon and there’s a reason why we believe everyone and anyone can finish it because it’s just 5 Kilometres! Yes, it is hard to get up early, but how about how engulfed with pride you would be for the rest of week, where you can tell all those off who call you lazy. Get ready to surprise everyone! Or if you are one those rare breeds who run, need we say anything to motivate you to run in the ‘Run For Humanity Marathon Ludhiana’?

Run for humanity marathon in Ludhiana

Give your lungs the clean air it has longed for through this Marathon

Get ready to get your lungs the fresh air it has been longing for. The Marathon starts from PAU Gate No. 2, and you’re all well acquainted with the fresh air that fills the PAU.

Free T-Shirts!

A Sports T-Shirt that says that you ran a marathon. Could you want anything more? We bet you’d want to wear that all day long to make your friends curious and make them ask questions. Do you know what else do we bet? That you would look like this the entire week!

Free Gift, Free Medal and Free Certificate

The fun doesn’t just end at a free T-Shirt. You’d also get a free gift, a medal and a certificate to show that you completed the marathon. So, now you can actually boast off at interviews that you love sports and also prove it by a certificate. Because, you know what they say, anyone who runs is a runner, slow or fast, doesn’t matter.

It Is Scientifically Proven That Running Releases Hormones That Make You Happy

Yes, you heard that right. Would you believe that running is recommended for depression patients because it is a natural way to release the “Happy Hormones” that boost your mood up. You sure would be left wondering after this 5K Run, “What am I so happy about?”

Hope we’ve motivated you enough to go to the marathon. Here’s something you must do before going,

Register For The Run For Humanity Marathon Ludhiana

Registration is 100% free. You can do it online sitting at your home at this link, Call at 7837113133.

Run for humanity marathon Ludhiana

Early morning advice: Don’t think whether you should go or not, just go! We hope this run turns out life changing for you, and you inculcate running in daily routine!

Venue and Time

Reach PAU Gate number 2 at 6:00 am. The event ends at 8:00 am. See ya there!






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