Ludhianavis! This Summer, Get Fit!

Staying fit can be tricky with hectic schedules when you are stuck in the never ending cycle of work-home-work or college-home-college. And then comes Sunday, when it’s time to order Chholey Bhaturey in breakfast, lunch with Dum Aloo and Shahi Paneer and dinner with a pizza. So how to stay fit?

Get Inspired

The real training starts in your head. Making up your mind is half the job done. You deserve the best, be it the best home, best husband, best wife or The Best Body! Yes, you deserve it. And this saying never gets old, “Healthy mind, healthy body.” So prepare your mind to stick to and follow a healthy routine.

Eat Healthy

Healthy doesn’t mean no-fat diets. Choose wisely, know your body. For some, drinking milk might be healthy and for some it might not. We all are different, there is no rule. Eat a lot of fruits and complex carbohydrates like oats, chapati, dalia, etc. Do not cut fat completely, because oils are needed by your body! Avoid processed food. Eat a lot of protein and avoid sugar.
And Remember the day meal rule: Heaviest breakfast, moderate lunch and lightest dinner!

Keep moving

If your work includes a lot of sitting, make sure you get up once in a while or try to work while standing, if possible. It would as well break the monotony of the work. You already know about avoiding using the elevator, walking instead of taking a taxi.

These days, every smartphone comes with steps tracking feature. Watch the number of steps you take each day. Aim for 10,000, although, 5,000 is also worth a round of applause.

Make A Workout Routine

Summer is almost here. The best workout you can give to your body is swimming. If you don’t know it, learn it! There’ll be no need to get hot and sweaty. If not, you can choose from a range of gyms in Ludhiana, like Quilian Gym in Sunder Nagar, Burn Gym, Sec-32, Golds Gym and much more!

If you join a gym, make sure you join a good one, because, they really motivate you and make the working out so fun and easy that you would not want to leave the gym!

Go for a morning jog!

Ludhiana is full of places you can jog in peace, like Rose Garden, Leisure Valley and PAU. You might also go cycling or aerobics. Also, morning is the best time to work, because the pollution is at its least. When you’re working out, you take in a lot more air than usual, hence, it should be clean!

If you are overweight and working out, you’re better than skinny and sleeping!

So get set Ludhiana. Prepare yourself this summer to follow a healthy routine, and you’d see not only the difference in your body but also your mental alertness.



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