List of things that every Punjabi Girl finds in her Punjabi Boy

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Do you have good looks? Do you have good dressing sense? There are lots of things and qualities that every girl wants in her partner. So we have a cool list of qualities that every girl finds in her boy.

We know Punjabi’s have open minded and open heart people. They can do everything to make their surrounding happier. But is it enough to impress a girl? Ammmm… yes, it gives you plus(+) point, for sure. But there are some other things that you should apply & improve your personality, so we have a cool list of some “Kaim” list of points that you should implement to impress your girl.


The very first thing that every girl finds in his boy that he is intelligent. If you are an intelligent Punjabi Gabru like you’ve an ability to take every decision of life with proper understanding then this is one of the plus points of you.

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Fitness Freak:

If you have a muscular body with intelligent mind then I don’t think so you would reject by any girl. Girls like tall, handsome and fitness freak boy. If you have an amazing body with a beautiful heart that shows some respect to your girl then definitely the girl will be yours.


Turban like:

We know Punjabis are blessed with beauty and the Turban will automatically polish the personality of a gabru(boy). Girls mostly like Turban boys those wear patiala shahi pagg. So impress your girl by singing a song for her >“Mere pagg nal diya billo chuniya, hun janke rangon lag payi” and enjoy the best moment of life.

In Punjab, there is a mixup of boys with the turban and without the turban. But Turban “ta Shaan hundi h” “sar ta Taaz hunda h”.. So its again a plus point for you.. 

For boys who haven’t wear turban before you should try once and Impress your girl… 


Khundi Mucch:

The identification of any Punjabi is his Turban and Khundi Mucch. You know what? girls are crazy about Khundi Mucch. If you have Khundi mucch and Turban on your head then no need to worry. Even girls would become your fan. So these are two unique keys that you can use to impress your crush girl.


Kurta Pajama:

Kurta Pajama is one of the elegant attire that every boy likes to wear and also became one of the favourite costumes for girls.


You know what boys? Girls are crazy about Kurta Pajama boys with khundi mucch. If you implement all these tips then be assure girls will go crazy about you, even they can add you to their fan list. So be the boy with gratitude nature and awesome look.

Moreover, Girls like Simple and Handsome boys who are decent by nature and intelligent by the mind.

A girl is always looking for that kind of boy who cares for her, who speaks decently to her, who loves her & treat her like a queen.


The relationship is all about trust and love. If you both have these two precious things then you both are luckiest persons in the whole world.


So treat your girl like a queen and we are sure the girl will be yours forever.

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