List of Top 10 Places in Ludhiana that you Should Visit

List of 10  Places to visit in Ludhiana

  • Krishna Mandir
  • Durga Mata Mandir
  • Hardy’s world
  • IREO
  • Rose Garden
  • Dukh Niwarn Sahib
  • Tiger Safari
  • MBD
  • Kipps market
  • Rural Museum

Ludhiana is the city of love and affection and yes! Little bit polluted too! But apart from these things, there are lots of attractive tourist places that attracts you towards Ludhiana like a magnet to iron. So here I am going to tell you about some famous places in Ludhiana that you should visit with your family, partner or your friends.

I’m sure that these places would add some sweet memories in your life and in your smartphone as well. These places will definitely make your selfie more beautiful and astonishing to you.

List of places to visit in Ludhiana

Let’s start with religious places:

  • Krishna Mandir: If you’re a religious person and want some peace from your fed up life then you should visit Krishna Mandir. The chanting songs of Krishna will help to make your mind in peace and give you positive energy to face the hurdles of life. For visiting Mandir you can follow this address. Krishna Mandir Address: Krishna Mandir Rd, Model Town Extension, Model Town, Ludhiana, Punjab 141002
Krishna Mandir Ludhianabytes
Krishna Mandir Ludhianabytes
  • Durga Mata Mandir: Goddess Durga symbolises saintly energy and also known as “Divine Shakti”. This place brings up showers of blessing and popular for consummate wishes. Hope this place would bring up lots of happiness and love in your life and make your life journey more smooth and interesting.
    AddressShri Durga Mata Mandir, Basant Singh Khalsa Rd, Stadium Rd, Near Jagraon Pull, Gandhi Nagar, Koh – E – Fiza, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
Durga mata mandir ludhiana-bytes
Durga mata mandir ludhiana-bytes
  • Hardy’s World: Let’s turn your ride to amusement or theme park. If you’re an adventurous person or you’re a roller coaster ride lover then you should visit Hardy’s world. A must go place in Ludhiana that has large varieties of rides including roller coaster, pendulum, cup tea ride, electric car driving, Water Park and other rides etc for fun and enjoyment.
    Address: Ludhiana–Jalandhar, G.T. Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
Hardy's World Ludhiana Bytes
Hardy’s World Ludhiana Bytes
  • IREO: The best spot to do photoshoot is called IREO that is situated near Issewal Deatwal Link Rd, Deatwal, Ludhiana, Punjab. The newly build IREO Waterfront is among the top places to visit in Ludhiana. This place covers more than 500 acres land and has luxury villas apartments for rent or lease. Large lake with white swan and opened gazebo will automatically put a smile on your face. I think this would be the best place for couples & peaceful spot where no one can disturb you.
IREO ludhiana-bytes
IREO ludhiana-bytes
  • Rose Garden: The garden of any city or state will represent the status of the city/state and it also shows how much environmental friendly the place is. Rose Garden is one of them that is established in 1967 in Ludhiana and covers more than 30 acres area or land. its among the top places to visit in ludhiana & This place brings many spices of flowers that spread out the fresh air. People are coming with their families, friends, children’s and also with their lovers for fun and roaming.
    Address: Rose garden, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 14100
Rose garden Ludhianabytes
Rose garden Ludhianabytes
  • Dukh Niwarn Sahib: “Waheguru” symbolises the oneness of god and by kirtan and chanting, all the darkness of our mind will be eliminated and it also give us a positive energy to face the hurdles of life. If you’re in the situation where you are unable to take a decision then this would be the best place to get the solution. May guru ends all your sorrows and brings a happy and cheerful life of you.
    Address: NH 1, Field Ganj Opp. Jagraon Bridge, Near Railway Station, Ludhiana, Punjab 141008
Dukh Niwarn Gurudwara Sahib ludhiana-bytes
Dukh Niwarn Gurudwara Sahib ludhiana-bytes
  • Tiger Safari: If you’re an ardent nature lover and fed up from your life problems than Tiger Safari is one of the best place that is working as a mind freshener to you. This place is similar to zoo & jungle and the tweets will automatically bless your life and I am sure you would forget all the circumstance of your life for the time. Here you discover all spices of birds, animals and rich heritage of the tiger. Try to introduce your children’s with our culture heritage things to aware them from our historical places and facts.
Tiger safari ludhiana-bytes
Tiger safari LudhianaBytes
  • MBD: If you’re talking about entertainment and movies spot then MBD is counted on first as an entertainment destination. MBD is not just a normal mall it’s a famous hangout place for youngster. You can prefer MBD for a shopping, movie or for a delicious meal. I think this place will be your best place for the weekends.
    Address: Mall Management Office, Rajguru Nagar, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 141012
MBD Mall in Ludhiana
MBD Mall in Ludhiana
  • Kipps Market: Kipps Market is quite similar to gedi route of Chandigarh. People are coming in the evening to relax their mind. This place is a good spot for shopping, food and saloons. Youngsters are coming with their friends and partners for enchanting and enjoy their lives.
    Address: Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
Kipps Market in Ludhiana
Kipps Market in Ludhiana
  • Rural Museum: To get aware new generation from our Punjab history, PAU(Punjab Agriculture University) consists a small rural museum that accumulates historic households, vehicles, ladies statues, singing instruments, hearth, baggi and other things to maintain culture heritage. A big statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is enhancing the splendour of museum. I think you should visit this place with your family & friends, it seems as one of the best tourist places in Ludhiana.
Rural Museum in Ludhiana
Rural Museum in Ludhiana
  • Hope you will enjoy all these famous places to visit in ludhiana. If you want me to add more places in the list then please comment below with your suggestions.
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