Laugh Your Heads Off With Zakir Khan On 31st March!

Mark 31st March on your calendars Ludhiana, because on this day, Ludhiana is about to witness its first ever Comedy Event by Zakir Khan. Are you prepared to hold your bellies as you roll laughing and wipe those tears of laughter from your eyes?

Comedy Event

This is the first time comedy events are starting to happen in North India. After making Chandigarhians laugh their stress off, now, it’s time for Ludhiana! Give your heart a break this time from stress and everyday worries, break that monotonous routine with this event which will make you keep your chilled and relaxed for weeks! The heart and soul of the event are Zakir Khan, known by many names, like, #SakhtLaunda or #QuitessentialLaunda. Take a look yourself!

Why You Must Go To This Event!
  • Break the monotony of work-home-work or college-home-college.
  • Laughter is the best medicine! Get those muscles of your face working with endless laughter!
  • Forget about stress and worries.
  • Make your loved ones laugh and thank you for taking them to this event.

About Zakir Khan

The “normal average guy” got his talent in satire and comedy recognised through comedy central’s show, “India’s best stand-up comedian” competition. He is known for his satire on everyday events which happen with everyone in life! That’s why people can relate to him so much and can laugh off the things they had been over-thinking about. So do not miss this opportunity to watch him perform live!

Venue and Time

Venue: Guru Nanak Bhawan

Date: March 31, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm

Ticket price ranges from Rs. 699-799. Book your tickets ASAP before you get disappointed by a houseful!



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