Kila Raipur Games 2017 Kicked Off!

The much awaited Kila Raipur Games kicked off today on 17th Feb. However, the venerable sport Bullock Cart Race will not be there. But the games do not cease from intriguing many foreign as well as local tourists. The sportsmen and sportswomen execute unbelievable and enthralling feats, while the captivated audience watches them stunned.

Here’s a description of the phenomenal events that make the Games what they are:

Tug of War

The breath of the audience remains stuck until one team wins. Fun, yet, an accurate measure of strength and technique. The team that has the best of both is the one that wins!

Sack Lifting Competition

Another display of robustness built through years of hard work. The aim of the game is to lift as many sacks as possible out of the truck in the shortest span of time.

Tractor Race

What a sight it is to watch powerful tractors trying to race time! With black smoke rising, the tractors race towards the finish line.

Tent Pegging

Tent Pegging is an ancient game, in which the horse riders are supposed to ride at a definite speed and pick the the wooden or cardboard pegs fixed in the ground with the help of a sword or a lance. Thrilling as it sounds, it’s sport of speed, technique and accuracy!


The critically acclaimed ancient form of Martial Arts is one of major events that everyone awaits. The art has been tested by ferocious battles and thousands of years and is the fantasy of the youth. The skilled display the art during the Kila Raipur Games and leave the audience enthralled and wide eyed.

Nihangs Riding Skills

Nihang warriors, who are the messiahs in carrying forward this tradition, display their riding skills during these games. It’s breathtaking to watch their inconceivable stunts and leaves an imprint on our minds that’s hard to forget and leaves us amazed every time we think of it.


Feats of Strength by Ruralites

And there are many more feats that are performed in the Festival and leave us more surprised than the previous year. Take a look!


This festival is a must watch. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially if you live close by. The experience will surely make you feel proud about your culture.


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