Is Narender Modi taken a good decision? Did he plan before implementing Demonetisation process?

Is Narender Modi taken a good decision?

The trendy topic now a day is “Demonetisation”. Through to which many lives are affected. Where on one side large amount of black money or corrupted money explodes on the other side it affected the normal lives as well. But there is one question arises in everyone’s mind? Is Modi ji taken a good decision or did he prepare any plan before implementing this scheme?

Prime Minister Narender Modi
Prime Minister Narender Modi

So we have answers of your all questions. In our Indians History it’s first time when our Indian Prime minister is taken a big step against black money, which can be helpful in our Indian Economy. There are several schemes produced by our Prime Minister for the Public interest & to make our India is the most powerful country in the world. And yes, we can say that Modi ji taken a good decision against black money or corrupted people.

Did he prepare any plan before implementing this process?

The long queue in front of banks and ATMs is signify the less preparation done by government. We know how much difficult for everyone to survive in an expensive country with the shortage of money/new currency? But we should compromise with this crises and let them handle it with courtesy.

What people thinks about Modi Decision have a look on it:

What is the main goal of Prime Minister to implementing Demonetisation process?

Through “Demonetisation” scheme, the main goal of a prime minister is to make our India is corrupted free and we know through this process some people are agreed with Modi Ji decision and some are not.

stop corruption
stop corruption

The result of this scheme is shown in the rivers or garbage, where a large amount of money is arrested in the form of wastage. On the other hand many poor families are also suffering from many difficulties due to these schemes.

How it affects the rural or poor people?

If Demonetisation scheme is having plus points then on other hand it contains some negative points as well. Due to this process many poor families are affected. People are crying, stealing things and fighting. They don’t have sufficient money to pay their rents and even don’t have enough money to buy grocery.

So here we have some videos that clarifies you that how this scheme affected poor people?

  • People openly stealing things

  • People are fighting


  • Due to this people are brutaly beaten by Cops:



  • Moreover it affects the business as well. Here’s is a video:

These are some issues that normal citizens are facing. But there are large number of people who supports Modi ji decision and respect him. We are really appreciate their work and love towards their country. We should give our support to him and should compromise with the difficulties. 


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