#Yummy Ice Cream Studio – A Perfect Delight for The Cravers

Sugar crystals in tints of pinks and greens added on top of Vanilla! Some Nutella over the chocolate scoop filled with the Hershey’s syrup! Or maybe a little KitKat on top of the jar filled with the chocolate shake!

Isn’t it a challenge to resist? “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy ice-cream and that’s kind of same,” they say. Agreed?

ice cream studio ludhiana
ice Cream Studio Ludhiana

Who Is It For?

Ice-cream studio is a salmagundi of all your fantasies ice-cream flavours. Be it the basic chocolate, strawberry or blackcurrant, or be it some ice-creams rolls or the live nitrogen ice-creams, it renders you the perfect spoon. Some of the delights include Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Lava Cake Jar, Oreo Shake, Mango Roll Sundae, Traffic Jam Ice-cream and incalculable other flavours.

Chocolate Lava Cake Jar - ice cream studio ludhiana

Added to that, for the convenience of the customers, Ice-cream Studio also provides mini-cones to the people so that they smack the flavours and choose from among those vibrant scoops.

What to Order?

Ice-cream Studio has till now evidenced the happy smiles of almost all its customers. The prominent reason behind those smiles could be the counter of “Unlimited Toppings”. Yes! You read it right. There’s a counter where those unlimited toppings are placed. Those include the basic syrups comprising of Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango etc. Other than that, there are some nuts and freshly chopped fruits that add icing over the cake, or maybe add icing over the ice-cream.

Another fresh concept introduced by the Ice-cream Studio that has enchanted the people is the “Ice-cream Rolls”. Workers pour creamy custard and toppings on an icy cold plate and mix them all together. The concoction is then flattened, rolled, squished into a cup, and topped with sweeteners and fresh fruits. These rolls undoubtedly have the capability to make someone crave.

ice cream roll at ice cream studio ludhiana

Not forgetting about the Diabetic patients at all, Ice-cream Studio also provides sugar-free ice-creams. Isn’t it more than too much? A candied cup for those who don’t afford a spoon. Also for the people inclining towards yoghurt, head towards the store! Ice-cream studio provides a lot for the yoghurt lovers as well.


Discussing its Ambience, the most enchanting feature about the Ice-cream studio is that it is filled with colourful ice-creams with its sugary fragrance that are placed inside the freezers. Generally, a lot of people are seen even at midnight. The nitrogen ice-cream spreads its sweetened aroma towards the onlooker.

ice cream studio ludhiana ambience
ice Cream Studio Ludhiana

Ice Cream Studio Ludhiana

It is located at 13-B Sarabha Nagar, opp Flamez Mall. One can contact Ice-cream Studio at 9815300425. It has a centralised location that makes it within the easy reach of the public. Also, it has a 4.8 rating on Facebook and positive reviews doll up its Facebook page.


What are you waiting for? Hurry! Go choose from among those palatable flavours and cheer out a scream, because I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

Pic Source: Ice Cream Studio


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