How a poor people affected with the demonetization process?

We know our Prime minister is taken a good decision against black money. But with this demonetization process if black hoarders had checkmated, on the other hand it affected many poor families as well. As now many Indians are sufferings from several difficulties like people are unable to bring food supplements from the market for their families because of the demonetization.

People are crying, fighting and stealing things because of it. They are unable to pay rents to their landlords and not even have sufficient money to buy grocery for their home.

So we have one video for you that shows how a poor people have affected with the Demonetization? & how much is difficult for a poor worker to earn money at this time.

India is a developing county and there are lots of people that are coming under the poverty line and earn money so could bring a onetime meal for their families. and How poor people affected with this , have a look on it:

There are so many difficulties that poor families are facing with this scheme and hope it will resolve soon by government.


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