Best Places In Ludhiana To Celebrate Holi This Year and create a mess!

This festival of colours is just the right time enjoy and connect with your friends and family. Make this holi memorable by celebrating it at one of these places. Are you confused about how would make this festival memorable? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. So go on and check out the Best Places In Ludhiana To Celebrate Holi This Year.

Holi Fish At South City

Yep, you heard that right. Unique name, isn’t it? The party will surely be unique too! Organic Colours is what you gonna get drenched within here. So, you can roam about all day with multi-coloured face and hair without having to worry about the damage it might do your skin. The party is at F2 Raceway. Call 7087087868 to know more!

Holi at F2 Raceway Ludhiana

Holi Festival At Ireo Waterfront With DJ Aanya and DJ Bawa

Another Holi party at South City, that’s right, dance all day long drenched Holi Colours, feast at unlimited snacks and food! What more could you want? There gonna be tonnes of games and activities which you would love. Get your coupons from Aussican Education Consultants, Model Town Extension or call at 8556085560.

Holi Festival at Ireo Waterfront

Live DJ Party At Farm House

This one is from R2P, scheduled on 13th March at Baddowal Farmhouse, near PCTE. They claim that many interesting activities are scheduled that are bound to entertain you. However, they seem a bit selective about the kind of people who attend the event. Anyway, it’s worth it checking out what they offer by calling them at 8722000005.

Live DJ Party at Baddowal Farmhouse

Enough colour for the day! You can also choose to just party and dance to the beats. Check it out below.

Holi Party With DJ Yamya At R2P

This will go on all day long right from 11 am until you get tired. Everyone is in love with Dj Yamya, why should you be left out?

Holi Dj Party With Dj Yamya


Well, that was about the best places in Ludhiana to celebrate Holi this year. So are you ready Ludhiana? We can sense your high spirits already. Well, use organic colours and keep your skin safe. We wish you a Happy Holi in advance! Do let us know what are your plans for this Holi.



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