5 Best Food And Places in Ludhiana To Satiate Your Cravings!

Food is the reason we earn money for. So serve your stomach with the best! Here’s a list of the best food and where to find it in Ludhiana. This surely would satiate your hunger and make you come back for more!

5 Yummy Food And Places in Ludhiana to Serve your Stomach

Mud Cake at Nik Baker’s

Delectable, mushy, chocolaty, dense and warm from the oven. Imagine the aroma entering your nostrils, you take in a deep breath to catch the best aroma. Wait! It’s yet to get better when you put a spoonful in your mouth. Mud cake is different from most other cakes. Give it a try!

Butter Chicken At The Yellow Chilli

Warm, tender and juicy Butter Chicken at “Yellow Chilli” is something nobody has to ask before serving. If somebody serves it, you eat it and ask no questions because that’s how delicious it is! Butter chicken is also a trademark of Punjab and everyone loves it!

Cream Chicken At Chawla’s

Another chicken item? Why not! Whisky and chicken flows in our veins! Cream Chicken is unique and trademarked recipe of Chawla’s and wants us lick our vessels off! This cream chicken isn’t bright and orange but has its own unique colour. Chawla’s has many branches in many cities and you can get to taste this incredible dish not just in Ludhiana but many more cities!


A filling sweet and a product of Punjab that is Dhodha is also considered very healthy. Not every other sweet maker can make these, but only the original owner! Loaded with cashews, this sweet will surely satisfy both your hunger as well as cravings!

South Indian At Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna has established its name for serving the best South Indian food as well its ambience. If you get bored of regular food, Sagar Ratna might just be the place for you to try something different and tasty!


Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you food and food is happiness! That’s how we Punjabis live, “Khao pio aish karo.”


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