10 All Time Favourite Punjabi Phrases

Punjabi is loved everywhere is India. No matter where you go, the moment a person meets a Punjabi, they make a desperate attempt to talk in Punjabi. Here are some famous Punjabi phrases, the reason why Punjabi is so loved.

Shabaash Putt Shabaash!

Super sarcastic Punjabi moms should be given an award for sarcasm. Every time, we broke something, or did something silly we used to hear this from our Punjabi moms. Sometimes, another phrase is followed by this, “Baki v bhann de.”

Muh Dho Ke A

When you’ve got nothing to say in an argument, you tell the person to go and wash their face. Yes that’s how we roll.

Durr Fitte Muh

When somebody does something incredibly stupid and you’re so incredibly surprised that you have no idea what to say. This comes out as an instant response to stupidity from Punjabis.


Too ecstatic? Will go on Gehri. Sad and depressed? Will go on Gehri. Flirting with crush? “I’ll take you on a Gehri.” That’s right, a ride on the bike flaunting our style, is the all time favourite of us Punjabis.

Balle Balle!

Made famous across the country by Bollywood songs. This is one phrase that everyone knows about! Afterall, we Punjabis are always ready to dance.


They say, no joke is funny unless you tell it in Punjabi. Now imagine saying, “Have you ever seen your face?” and also imagine saying, “Bootha dekhya apna?”

Phatte chak te

Everyone knows the meaning of this and is in fact used by not only just Punjabi. Everytime someone “Nails the job”, we say it. 


Another desi Punjabi word which is famous worldwide. A funny, yet cute way to swear at someone without offending them.

Behja Behja Karti

Another way of saying “Phatte chakte”

Tainu ki?

“Mind your own business” does not sound so funny, does it? This is just another way of saying the same.



That’s how you start a conversation in Punjabi. Same as saying “Wassup?”

More typical Punjabi phrases coming in your mind? Share with us!


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